MEGA SUP board rental


MEGA SUP board rental

The best way to rent a high-quality inflatable MEGA SUP board with paddles for a few hours, a whole day or even several days. Up to 8 adults can surf on the table. Children up to 15 participants. The equipment is easy to transport and to pack and unpack. 


  • 1 hour, complete set (board, up to 8 oars, pump, life jackets) 35 eur.
  • up to 3 hours 70 eur.
  • 1 day 100 euros

When renting Calypso separately:

  • 1 hour 5 eur pcs
  • up to 3 hours 10 eur pcs
  • 1 day 15 euros pcs

You can find the rental conditions at the bottom of the page



Why rent?

Renting is a good way to get into paddle surfing instead of owning all the gear. If you don't have a personal table or you haven't decided which equipment to buy, you can rent one from us. We offer well-known Aquamarina brand inflatable boards with oars. Before you decide which equipment to buy, we recommend coming to try it on.  

I want to rent for a longer period?

It is also possible to rent surf equipment from us for a longer period. For this, please contact us by email or call us so that we can make you a suitable offer. 

Surf equipment rental conditions

Rental equipment is issued and can be returned during the summer period according to the agreement at Ranna Surfiküla or at an agreed address in Tallinn. During the winter period, rental equipment is issued and returned by prior arrangement.

When issuing rental equipment, the lessee must make sure that the rental equipment is intact and complete. The renter must return the rental equipment in the same condition as it was issued to him. The renter is fully responsible for the condition of all equipment and in the event of damage, destruction or loss, the renter must compensate Surfmaster Surf School for all property damage. 

When receiving the surf equipment, the renter confirms that he has full knowledge and experience on how to assemble, disassemble and use the rented surf equipment safely and for the intended purpose. When accepting the rental property, the renter confirms that he will use the rented property responsibly and return the rented surf equipment on time. Selling and sub-leasing the property to third parties is not allowed.

When renting, the renter must present an identity document ID or Passport. In addition, Surfmaster surf school has the right to request a deposit from the renter if it deems it necessary.