Kitesurfing training

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Basic kitesurfing training

The goal of basic kitesurfing training is to make you an independent kitesurfer quickly and safely. Since all students are different and need different time to perform different exercises, we approach everyone individually, work more on weaker sides and pay attention to safety throughout the training.

NB! Conditions for coming to the training:

  • When coming to kitesurfing training, the student knows and considers the risks arising from surfing.
  • The student takes full responsibility for his own health.
  • During the training, the student uses safety equipment: helmet, life jacket, calypso.

Private tutoring, constant monitoring of the student, pointing out mistakes, encouraging and motivating.

Basic kitesurfing training 5-6 hours as individual study and 9 hours studying in a group with 2-3 participants.

The training can be purchased separately hourly for 55 eur/hour per participant.

The trainings take place in Tallinn and Hiiumaa. If possible, we will come to the place of your choice. Ask for an offer!

Kitesurf training included

The price of kitesurfing training includes surfing clothing (calypso, life jacket, helmet) and kitesurfing learning equipment (board, kite, pump, boom, learning kite). When coming to the training, please bring swimming clothes for calypso, a hat to protect from the sun, a towel, sunscreen.

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Basic kitesurfing training

The training plan has been prepared IKO standarts keeping in mind. The training includes an instructor and all equipment. Basic kitesurfing training takes time 5-6 hours as individual study and 9 hours studying in a group with 2-3 participants.

Possibility to come to the training with a larger group. Ask for a more detailed offer!

 level 1

  • Determination of wind direction and strength
  • Selecting and evaluating a safe driving location
  • Explanation of the concept and content of the wind window
  • Flying a kite
  • Assembling an inflatable kite, learning about safety systems
  • Kite up and down with hand signals, kite walking
  • Kite packing

 level 2

  • Downwind bodydrag
  • Bodydrag, i.e. dragging in the water with the power of a kite
  • Bodydrag left and right
  • Upwind bodydrag
  • Exercises for setting the board
  • Self rescue methods in both deep and shallow water

level 3

  • Water launch theory on earth
  • Water launch demonstration in water
  • Practicing the water launch
  • Driving, braking, maintaining speed by carrying
  • Changing direction
  • Surfing rules at sea